Paris 360 Film Festival 2018 Adventures (where my VR film was selected)

Parlez-vous anglais??

My Virtual Reality (VR) film “Future Warfare Simulator: The Year 2030″ was officially selected at the 360 Film Festival in Paris, France in November 2018. This was also part of the french Satis-Expo in Paris.

This was intensive project I produced to visualise the ‘future of warfare in the year 2030” for the Australian Army Headquarter’s Future Warfare Directorate.

As a result I took the opportunity to be at the festival for my VR film’s screening and be part of the Satis-Expo and trade show.

It was a great opportunity to check out and scope VR, 360 and interactive narrative projects from around the world.

While viewing VR projects from different filmmakers, if the film was not produced in English, I made point of  watching and experience it without subtitles. I wanted to experiment and see how effective their visual storytelling was and how easily I could be immersed or understand the story without understanding the narration/dialogue.

It was a great little exercise and you get to see where dialogue and narration really isn’t needed, just like in narrative filmmaking.